Our company is “purely Styrian owned”, has existed since 1927 and was founded by Hans Weiss.
The first buses from the WEISS company, which were originally converted trucks whose chassis were given a bus body, were used in scheduled services from Wolfsberg in the Schwarzautal via Heiligenkreuz am Waasen to Graz.

In the 1950s, special trips to Italy and the north of Austria began to be organised. The current bus brands at that time were Gräf and Stift. In 1968 the current owner, Helmut Schlögl, Mr. Weiss’s grandson, joined the company for the first time.

In 1974 the company was taken over by Mr. Helmut Schlögl with 10 buses. In the beginning, the company was still based at the Weiss property, which is located just behind today’s garages. In 1978, construction began on the office building, the garage with 14 parking spaces for buses, a wash bay and the workshop in St. Georgen an der Stiefing. The halls were then steadily expanded, especially when another hall with parking spaces for buses was built in 1992. In the meantime, the Leibniz bus operator Körver and, in 1984, the Gruber Reisen company, which today is one of the largest travel agencies in Austria, were bought.

In 1998 a second location was bought in Graz, Puchstraße 206a and construction of the garages and the recycling car wash began in 1999, and the car wash in St. Georgen an der Stiefing also became a recycling car wash. In 2000, the hall in St. Georgen an der Stiefing was raised so that the newly purchased stick buses with their enormous height could also find space.

Today around 50 buses can be parked and serviced at the locations in St. Georgen an der Stiefing and Graz. The great-grandson of Mr. Hans Weiss, Mr. Jakob Schlögl, has been in the business since 2006 and is now also the managing director.